Like keeping score

I love metrics, analytics or whatever you wish to call them – for me it’s like keeping score. I’ve been putting some metrics together for two knowledge communities that are celebrating the 12 month anniversary of their launch. Whatever statistic you look at the figures are impressive. We also recently conducted an online survey on another knowledge community launched 12 weeks ago. Again the metrics and feedback are good – including time saved on tasks within the site. However, I still feel our intranet is unloved. I always hear anecdotal comments complaining about the intranet, however, when you talk to people they are fairly happy with their own communities. I think intranet metrics are akin to NHS statistics. All the measures show success yet everyone has their moan about it. Maybe it’s something we should just accept. A site that has to provide comprehensive knowledge care to the whole organisation may be foolish to think it will be highlighted as much as a private, individually funded site for a few users. However, when an emergency arises it’s the intranet that provides the immediate, free at the point of care, service for the whole organisation.



One thought on “Like keeping score

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