Hurdles to collaboration

At a recent forum with key knowledge/collaboration stakeholders within my organisation we talked abou the barriers/hurdles to sharing. Some of the hurdles were


KS not seen as a priority

Lack of awareness of the potential role of KS

Not aligned to processes

Not essential for daily work

Silos and rigid reporting lines

To many firm bottlenecks and roadblocks that prevent holistic approaches to knowledge sharing

No time invested in creating a passion for knowledge sharing

No time spent in creating a “2.0” mindset



Lack of or insufficient search solution for knowledge

Little use of Wikis to empower employees to be active communicators on Insite – not just “listeners

No engagement tools to rank and rate – “like minded” tools

No opportunity to find ‘people who know people’

No emotional intelligence – tools to help me know myself and others

Social media is all about participation – all content is collaborative. I have to search to collaborate


Equip the workforce

No slot on induction

No reward for KS

No code for KS (Timecard)


Lack of ownership at a senior level

Do we know where the knowledge sits?

Do we have the big-picture thinkers?

Little KM leadership


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