Its all about people

It’s almost a year since we started an intrenal blog about the work of our team. When we first did it was a way of sharing with a wider audience the discussions and thoughts we have internally, in our team meetings and across the intranet community. Although I write most of the posts, they actually reflect the discussions, ideas and thoughts that we have had right across the Intranet community. Sharing our thoughts on social media, online communities, content, training, intranets and everything related to it.

If you’re new to our blog (or have just been a long-time reader) I thought it would be interesting to reflect on what’s been, and after the proliferation of word-clouds for Obama’s Inauguration Speech, I created the same for the Intranet blog.

Four words were prominent:





We write about online communities and how they behave. We write social media and its potential in knowledge sharing. We write about the protocols that govern the behaviour. That’s what we know and what we do. But in doing so it’s important to remember that what we’re really writing about is people and how they interact in a social environment. It’s why we think that we need to focus on how we build and manage online communities. In a good online community, the technology should be invisible, it’s about the people and the way we work together in a social environment than makes the difference.



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