So what do you do?

Been contacted and asked exactly what the Intranet team does. goes….

I would like to believe we offer a consultancy service in how to manage communities (both task and knowledge based). We also host workshops and lectures on the intranet concept, knowledge sharing and communication on the internal platform. This, among others, include the selection and implementation of a community ??? organizational and in terms of content. We also look to encourage use of collaboration, social media and other digital tools to meet the strategy/goals of the site.

We are often involved when a site is dying and in need of revival, or when a department/group faces an implementation of a site for the first time.

Knowledge sharing between the persons responsible for the community takes place in our various network groups and communications.

We also have a ‘day job’ that includes

Global and local governance implementation

Site production

Content Management Training

Technical liaison

Technical implementation

Oversee the global community management of sites and make sure all the hosts and users are working well

Oversee any growth, development, change in direction of any communities

Oversee the launch of any new communities/closure of any others that are not working

Troubleshoot any big editorial, legal, technical problems with our developers, coders, and management

Work on the strategy and integration of the community areas

Distribute any updates to any global guidelines

Help the Content managers when they need it

Monitor the value and quality of the communities

Policing of content standards


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