Taking the first step on Sharepoint

Sharepoint is coming. By the end of next year our intranet and collaboration tools should be migrated to Sharepoint. Over the last 12 months I’ve been doing lots of research on the good, bad and ugly of Sharepoint. Work by Martin White and IBF sessions have provided the most value.

For me, it emphasised how Sharepoint was not built as a CM system but an integrated Information Management system. All the presentations, and previous Sharepoint intranets I’ve seen, appear just to treat it as a CMS and little more. For us to get maximum value from the deployment we must think of how documents, collaboration and content can be integrated across the platforms, both behind and beyond the firewall. We need to start thinking about a strategy behind this so some deep musing time ahead.

Although Sharepoint may be a year away from getting behind the firewall we’ve taken the first steps to developing a strategy group/working party, not IT focused, but in terms of how we can use the information management applications (thinking of layered content, outlook, instant messaging, collaboration etc) so when its time for platform migration we have some joined up thinking and ideas on how to get best use, not by product, but by KS, Collaboration and document management. Anyone interested in following this year long journey can check out updates here.


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