Back to the survey

Been spending the morning putting together an annual survey (using Surveymonley) for one of our top community sites. It’s nearly one year old and usage has been far greater than anticipated. When a community launches we work on adoption programme with the relevant community to ensure we avoid the ‘launch and leave’ approach that are so common. Good sponsorship, governance and adoption ensures sustainable sites.

Generally we produce, in collaboration with the community, a survey 3 months after launch, followed up by yearly surveys (would recommend every 6 months by we don’t have the resource for this). Also find some face-to-face and telephone interviews ensure we have a good idea of how the site is meeting the community needs. All the material, although prepared by the intranet team, is sent by the community stakeholders to ensure maximum participation. Generally we get between 35%-45% of the community responding which I believe is fairly high. We target the whole community and individual groups (through key influencers) to ensure high response rates.


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