Knowledge sharing on a shoestring

Here is my methodology of doing Knowledge sharing on a shoestring.

The focus has shifted from ???collection??? to ???connection???. No known resource is now given to any firmwide ‘capture/collection’ systems we have (employee directory, project workspaces etc) therefore we have a decentralised approach. The emphasis has been on creating a informal structure within our business units, based around a ‘KS supporting team’, business unit Knowledge Champions with a core team behind them.

Stream Knowledge Champions have strong business knowledge and advanced social competencies.

The core stream teams have substantial technical competencies

The KS supporting team provide support for initiatives and projects in the start-up phase and implementation responsibilities are then generally transferred to the business unit champions and core team.

A key advantage of the decentralised structure is that the KS ‘ supporting team’ can be flexible/fluid to meet the needs of the business units??? structure “Embedded within business units, the Knowledge champions can immerse themselves in the business of the business and deliver greater value

A second benefit of the decentralised structure is that the KS supporting team can objectively audit and measure the performance of the knowledge champions. By uncovering strengths and weaknesses in the KS implementation within individual business units, the core team provides the required checks, balances and governance framework”.

A ‘knowledge positioning statement has been created, revised and agreed with key business units. From this statement each stream are adopting their own knowledge sharing strategies.

I have learned not to invest large amounts of resources or make sweeping changes across the organization in a short period of time to get quick returns from knowledge sharing. KS is a slow and incremental process. Economy in all aspects of deploying a KS solution, leads to a greater acceptance of KS and yields better results over time. That’s the plan anyway!


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