Intranets Live

Really enjoyed by session co-hosting Intranets Live yesterday.

 I thought the quality of presenters were excellent. Some notes I made during the broadcast are below: 

Laurel Castiglione (PGE) talked about the first 100 days as an intranet manager. My thoughts were: 

  • Find out who are the key stakeholders and big hitters in the organisation
  • Know who does what
  • Don’t step on toes
  • Understand the purpose/strategy of the intranet
  • Build relationships with IT
  • Define a governance model early
  • Don’t talk about technology

 Roie Edery (IPC) talked about Yammer. My musings on Yammer were:

  •  Good at skirting the IT department
  • Is it another inbox to keep up with in an already cluttered digital world?
  • Think what you want to achieve and have strategy/governance around it
  • Is there a reward for collaboration?
  • Need to determine a degree of importance or value on messages
  • Is that message really necessary? Think of the cost of interruptions
  • Love one of the first commenst from Roie – we trust you. Beautiful.



One thought on “Intranets Live

  1. Enjoyed being a part of Intranets Live. Microblogging is one of the most surprisingly efficient enterprise collaboration tools. Is it another Inbox to keep up with? Not if you dont want it to be. With tools like Yammer employees can choose how to engage the content, and how the content engages them.

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