To open up or lock down?

Two projects we are currently working on emphasis a paradox in the world of knowledge and information. There’s a constant tension between spreading information around and locking it down. In collaboration and knowledge we have a natural inclination towards access – our focus is all about helping others find and access the information that will enable them to be more effective. But controlling access is equally important. Whether for compliance, privacy, or counter-intelligence, restricting access is a critical component of collaboration risk management.


Our current work provide practical insight on both sides of this tension. One side of our role, developing the knowledge communities for both streams, focus on finding channels to share information and knowledge. The other task, equally important in terms of risk and compliance, is how to prevent information leakages.


How information is shared or controlled is a key theme for both communities. So far, we are looking at technological tools to help them control usage. Another card maybe to increase the knowledge of community members (i.e. the stream) to the risk associated with some access. That is a harder nut to crack – and more expensive to implement.


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