Training to engage

Just read the Guardian article about the digital divide (actually brought the paper rather than read it online –

For me, the same applies within the workplace.  We all talk about engagement and collaboration (well I always do) but we provide little to none training in collaboration or how to use the tools to collaborate.

No-where is there budget or resource to include all our staff within the digital framework. In my disucssion with various online stakeholders many agree that its the basis digital skills that are a hurdle to collaboration within the organisation, and greater resource on training or inclusion in this area will reap greater rewards. Problem is, as the article mentions, is that no resource of funds are available to provide this. No department has the remit, nor I suspect the desire, to deal with the issue. Why don’t I do it? You’re right (now I’ll talking to myself) – its something on the list and one day I’ll get a sponsor. Maybe not today but one day.

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