In need of a digital nanny?

Read the Farhad Manjoo article (New York Times) over the weekend (‘Taming Your Digital Distractions’) where a variety of software is used to tame the digital distractions faced when logging onto a PC (i.e. using blogs, receiving email, desktops alerts etc). The term digital nanny is used. I wonder if we all start to need a digital nanny? We have so many options to receive information and I fear we have yet to find a practical solution to the information overload we now receive (already today I have a Yammer alert and now the instant messaging is heating up). I must spend 25% of my day dealing consuming, assessing and replying to digital connections. I spend much of my time evangelising on the need to share, network and produce via digital channels. Perhaps I need to remember why I do this. To help people with their day job. If a user has less time to do the day job are we succeeding or do we need to introduce a digital nanny – creating a time and place for this consumption?


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