The long journey to knowledge begins

Had a really enjoyable brainstorming session today with representatives of one of our largest communities. They have a very well used online knowledge community (or in reality a good information sharing model and validated sharing) but little physical structure when it comes to knowledge networking and sharing.

The introduction of a Knowledge Sharing strategy to this community is a very large undertaking both in terms of change management and stream buy-in. A robust structure and understanding of what Knowledge Sharing means within the community is needed to ensure that this roll out is a success both initially and in the long-term. Therefore, not only were their community respresentatives but also stakeholders from our IT department, Learning & Development function and similar knowledge communities within the firm.

After detailing the hurdles to knowledge sharing in the physical, virtual and social spaces we looked possible achievements within 3 months, 6 months and future down the journey. We went away with a shopping list of actions to progress.

Within wishing to preempt the findings I believe the keys elements will be ensuring top level sponsorship and visible; action support for the initiative; some tangible expectations of what is required from key groups within the community; a physical structure for networking; reward for networking and sharing; and key to all of this help, guidance aqnd support for the community to know how to share knowledge – in terms of how to access knowledge, how to use the knowledge, and how to network with the providers of this knowledge.

Really looking forward to this developing.


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