All quiet on the career front?

Been having a chat with 2 of my intranet colleagues on the question of where careers are heading. Everyone says the intranet role is changing. Jane McConnell stresses this in 2010 global trends and on the ground I see rocky times ahead. It looks like intranet careers are being driven down 2 pathways. Either embedd in IT or a future in communications. When intranets first started to develop I’m sure the majority of the early adoptors had a knowledge background. This appears to be forgotten.

With so much top down communications, and even bottom up I see the niche area being able to develop the horizontal channels – good old knowledge and collaboration between people who need to work together.

However, I wonder if the collaboration piece may also be a fad. In a few years will we see it as leaders washing their hands or responsibilty by asking all to collaborate. Return of authority and gatekeepers may be the trend for 2011?

2 thoughts on “All quiet on the career front?

  1. Intranets are changing, although history suggests that this will take some time. Nothing happens quickly on intranets!I think there are some good examples for intranet managers to follow. These have all created their own role and responsibilities within organisations, regardless of where they sit.Alan Huish at BA was a good case in point. Under his leadership, the intranet team prospered, and delivered millions of pounds in savings. (As well as winning several awards, including an Intranet Innovation Award.)When the organisation was reschufled, and money became tight, Alan’s success allowed him to find a new highly-strategic role in the organisation. So the intranet was a good stepping stone in his career, surely a good outcome for any intranet manager.So: things will be changing, but the opportunities will be at least as great as the challenges, particularly for those intranet managers who choose to grasp the nettle. :-)Cheers, JamesPS. keep up the blogging, it’s wonderful to see a hands-on intranet manager sharing such great stuff.

  2. Thanks James ??? really appreciate the feedback. I???m amazed ??? ok, that may be going over the top ??? let???s say I???m delighted that so many intranet professional are willing to share and collaborate on numerous forums. I???ve worked on all sides of the firewall (internet, extranet and intranet) and I find very few communities attract as much valuable knowledge sharing and networking as the intranet field. I guess it???s what we do so we have to practice what we preach!

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