Checking out of the hotel

Was chatting with our external website content manager yesterday looking at the future and value of the corporate website. Another campaign site is being developed away from the main corporate site, allowing greater freedom to seed and begin conversation in related sites.

Future for basic corporate site looks bleak (obviously not referring to media and news sites here). Most are used as front doors to our graduate recruitment programmes or as a online office directory. Little value is derived, in terms of generating business, influence or contacts from the main corporate domain.

Also read that marketing gurus are calling this festive season a “Twiter Christmas” as retailers use social networks to tweet their special offers or post discounts on Facebook pages, encouraging users to pass on the news.

Nothing rarely happens within the ‘4 walls’ of the corporate site. All the fun and value is outside in social spaces.

I liken it to a hotel in a happening city. Your hotel is where you have to stay (sleep etc) but all the memories, fun and excitment happens in other parts of the city. A corporate website is the same. You can manage the publications or locations but all the value is in other sites. A website managers future roll is not to manage the hotel but maybe to tell the guests (content) where they can get the best of times.

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