Social Media on Intranets Live

Number 6 on my Intranets Live Top 10 was ‘social media’. Some notes I made include:
  • Two important currencies of the web – trust and attention
  • Social media tools areeasier to activate than adopt
  • Integrate social media with what the organisation is doing on a day-to-day basis.
  • What is the value and benefit of these tools? People with little interest in IT begin to engage
  • What are the security issues around this? Data protection, search, data loss, threat of reputation
  • Every organisation needs a social media participation policy
  • Are we creating a technology democracy – freedom of speech inside the workplace? Or is this just a myth. Things that matter, employee rights etc are rarley on the agenda for social media.
  • Is there greater engagement in organisation that already have employee forums within their structure (trade unions, employee councils etc)?

One thought on “Social Media on Intranets Live

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