Letting me down

Is it just me or is the reputation of search on public search engines now getting the same reputation as internal applications? Saw an item on the BBC site on Friday. Searched for it last night and it doesn’t appear anywhere. Also found the search on Youtube and Google is letting me down more and more. I know it’s out there but just can’t find it.


Maybe part of the problem is I’m far more aware of what content exists externally and far more demanding of the search engine to present it to me. The same issue as internal search applications I suspect.


Maybe the answer is the same. Content will be found if it wants to be found – i.e. there is some monetary value to the publisher that this is found and resource/budget is invested accordingly. Any of the collaboration or networking sites just have to accept the same fate as many intranet sites that have little or no resource for search.


2 thoughts on “Letting me down

  1. Hi Mark,The first issue – that with the BBC site – is long-standing. it’s always been absolutely useless and it’s unfathomable why they haven’t attended to it. You’re better off doing a google site search to the BBC. I don’t know why more completely open sites don’t employ a custom Google search for their site. It’s free, easy enough to configure… It would work for BBC to some degree, and way better than the mess they have now. With regards to search engines faltering generally, I agree, the traditional model (that we’re used to) is becoming less and less effective. Search seems to be changing quite quickly at the moment, it’s a clear transitional stage, but to where I don’t know. 🙂

  2. I don’t think the search industry knows either. Faced with content inside and outside the firewall, multi media, digital etc I sense we’re heading to a digital wild-west until some standards are applied – the digital sheriff

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