Are we really empowered?

In response to Gerry McGovern’s item about ‘Why we love the web’

I do agree that the web has created a far greater informed consumer. Customers, clients and even employees now have far more ways to connect, engage and create dialogue. However, do we as consumers, customers and employees have far more empowerment? I sincerely doubt it. There are some examples where individuals influence a brand, a product or a service, however, these are minor. Since the development of the web we have seen a rapid decrease in elements that have major impact on the empowerment of consumers – such as government commissions, trade unions, industry bodies etc, that had an interest in the long-term, sustainable development of sectors and products. US Presidential election is a prime example. Through the web we now have thousands of access points to interrogate, discuss, engage, question, comment on the process, however, do citizens of that process (or product) have more influence now than 20-30 years ago? The web has given us the ability to learn and discuss more, but has it given us real power?


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