Social Media participation comes from good KS

Since the New year I have seen a growth in requests for ‘social media’ areas within our intranet (or ‘business influence’ areas as I would I would prefer to call them). The reason for this? I doubt its people who have suddenly read about social media and want to get on the bandwagon. Most of the requests come from groups who we have engaged with over their knowledge sharing and collaboration strategy. Once we get the high-level commitment to share and collaborate, the next steps is to identified the issue, or gap. In many cases this is a lack of leadership, in terms of knowledge sharing. What better way to provide leadership than to practice what you preach. Hence we start to see some of our business leaders eager to get something started. This is when the ‘business influence’ tools can then be introduced, with some ‘already prepared’ protocols, blogging guidelines, and ‘participation’ document. Within the next few weeks we hope to see one of our largest community leaders beginning a blog, a group on Yammer for over 100 Managers, and a sub-group leader blogging. Maybe 2010 will be a good year for knowledge sharing?


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