Virtual Taylorism

Just been watching Paul Miller’s Intranet Garden Video blog January 2010 where he quotes Jeff Jarvis considering the idea that intranet managers are “new e-economy ” workers within the enterprise and deliver disproportionate value to their employers.

Couldn’t agree more (I would say that wouldn’t that) but the danger for me is Intranet Managers start to be seen as the ‘time and motion’ managers similar to the 50’s and 60’s (see “I’m All Right, Jack” – 1959 award winning social comedy). Many of the elements of Frederick Taylor’s work can be seen in way Intranet Managers approach design and usability (not sure what the equivalent would be for the science of shovelling) and will the workplace web in 5 years been seen as virtual ‘Taylorism.’ I start to see danger signs as an increasingly number of services move online with little support or compassion for the behaviour change.


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