Seekers of knowledge and wisdon

Enjoyed this post from Chieftech

Isn’t this the original role that early intranet managers adopted – bridging that gap between the technology and the business? In early examples these were mainly from the knowledge or information background role that had an understanding of what technology could achieve, but ensured it was the servant, not the master. Over the last few years I agree there has been a growing divide. I am amazed when I speak to ‘intranet managers’ and they have little knowledge of the platform, search etc. Similarly, those with a technology background should have a far greater understanding of the context and purpose of the information they manage.
I would suggest these business information managers are actually now also outdated. We should no longer talk about knowledge managers, business info shares, transfer, push, pull etc. The introduction of social media is a good start in creating a greater sharing culture but that should not be an end in itself, nor should well-managed business information. The intranet managers, business information managers of 2013 should be equiped to enable a seeking and discovering culture, putting structures in place, in social, physical and virtul spaces to create greater wisdom to solve problems and create solutions that bring value to their clients

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