We are the people

Finally getting a stakeholder session with our HR guys and owners of ‘people’ related content on our intranet. Negotiations over the process and protocols have been as torturous as organising the Nixon/Frost debates, but I felt this was essential before we begin any part of the process. All is now agreed. Echoing James Robertson’s theme of putting ‘people at the centre’ our aim (if we get our way) is to avoid the hierarchy titles used by HR and focus on a ‘tab’ called ‘People.’ Part of my thinking behind this is the ability for us to incorporate other ‘people’ related content into this area, that is not owned by HR, providing a richer, broader experience for the user. A danger is the ‘HR’ navigation still works within many companies and it would be foolish to tamper with this. Should a potential home buyer be put off a new home as they have furniture that doesn’t quite fit? If you get that analogy?


Our stakeholder session will include senior representatives from all HR functions, plus pension, business support and finance delegates. The stakeholder session will cover:

the project overview

reviewing the current sites to be included in the ‘People’ redevelopment

design and communication goals

User Identification

Homepage Content


It’s part of the usability process we will conduct, which will also include user surveys and interviews, user testing and modifications and an adoption programme to ensure the new area will be seeded within the organisation.

The Linkedin community has been a great help in providing screen shots, case studies and guidance (thanks guys) which I intend to showcase at the stakeholder session. From the feedback it appears HR sites now have a navigation structure centred around either:


1- the ’employee’, the manager and a section for HR professionals. Or

2 – Your Money, Your Benefits, Your Job and Career, Your Personal Life, and Life-changing Events


Common among all the sites is employees would not routinely visit the H.R. site unless they experienced a life-changing event.


It will be interesting to see what direction our rebuild takes. I hope to regularly report updates during the process.


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