Leadership and making technology real

Been busy few days so only now am I starting to muse on IBF 24 – the highs and lows and my takeaways For me the two themes that stood out were:

Leadership – much of what we witnessed on IBF 24 was not about how technology, digital platform or systems had worked but how passionate, motivated people , providing leadership succeeded in creating something of value to their business. It wasn’t about Sharepoint, search or CMS that shone through but the social aspects of people communicating, collaborating and coming together to create something – whether it be on a laptop, mobile or whatever type of app is used. The stewardship of Stan Garfield (Deloitte) and Jamie Pappas (EMC) was impressive in using technology in bringing people together. The human skills were paramount to getting this to succeed. It was not technologists that were leading the next stage of development but leaders with ‘social’ attributes (dare I say ‘socialists’) that were getting traction within organisations. Goodbye ‘taylorists’ and hello socialists (may need a better word to stop some CEOs thinking of the red flag!).

The other aspect I took away (other than the need for a good night’s sleep!) – is to make these functions work we need to think about ‘humanising technology’. Loved the way GreenNuture have taken an issue and built a platform around their beliefs (something humans need) and also comments by Loic Le Meur, Euan Semple and others. The platform is the enabler, not the controller and to make something work it needs to appeal to our behaviour patterns and thought processes. Read something yesterday about twitter being more valuable in finding content than google. This reflects my use. To find something I go to influencers that I have a basic understanding of – what they look like, their interests etc, not a search engine that I have no idea how it found that conclusion.

Finally on IBF 24 I was so impressed by everyone’s dedication, commitment and passion about this platform we all engage with. just loved it.


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