A room with a view

Just returned from two weeks in Tuscany and Milan. I???m fairly lucky when I???m away in being able to switch off completely from the world of digital and online, however, one hat I never leave behind is my usability trilby.  Driving through Tuscany is wonderful, but finding places is another matter. The usability factor is just not there. A road sign for an historic monument will lead you part of the way to your destination then suddenly the signs are never to be seen again. In Museum???s I could find an exit sign but no entry sign! An advert for a highly touted restaurant had everything except the address and phone number! Like most tourists I make decisions based on how eager I am to see places. Some are ???must see??? and I work harder to find it. Some areas are ???of interest??? and I take some time, maybe ask for a direction but if I???m made to work too hard I won???t pursue. Others I never even get started on because it is just too hard to begin where to find them and I have other pressing demands on my leisure time. Users of intranet and portals have similar behaviour. There are some items they simply must find and will do anything to retrieve them. Other content would be nice to see but unless the road signs are good they won???t pursue. Other pieces of content are never visited simply because no-one knows they exist in the first place. Part of our role is not simply to create the content but ensure the signposting and banners directing users to the content are clear, concise and provide a logical journey path. Otherwise your content may have the same fate as that wonderful Tuscan restaurant that cooks a wonderful wild boar but can never be found on the map!


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