Muses from the first day at Gartner summit

Just some quick muses at the end of the first day of the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration summit.

Really enjoyed Susan Greenfield and the idea of mind change. The screen is changing the way we think, connect and reflect (of we now do such a thing). Thinking of conferences before the digital age all the networking was conducted face-to-face. Now people are buried in their iPad, Blackberry and iPad during the sessions. I do wonder how much they are able to refletc and assess what they are hearing while they tweet, text and broadcast themselves live, rather than a period of listening and reflecting. I guess that is part of the immediate age we live in.

Fully endorsed Jim Murphy’s presentation – ‘Portals Unbound’. We are no longer managing a product but a concept. Intranet teams need to assess and change their skill sets to meet this challenge. A user experience strategy is required, not for the database or product the majority of content is stored on but the relationships, journeys and connections the user makes with the environment the content is hosted on. Intranet teams are not governing a set of technologies but creating a collection of methodologies and approaches around the technologies the user needs.

Also listened to lots of moans about SharePoint! Looking forward to day 2

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