Day 2 at Gartner

 Day 2 of the Gartner summit was time to look into the future. Attended sessions on  how we can monitor social tools, looking at the next generation of real-time mobile connected workers and the success and failures of cloud-based computing. Some good networking with organisations that are facing similar issues to us (always good to confirm we are not alone). Some key themes throughout the day focused on ensuring we determine requirements and define purpose. In the best traditional of tag clouds here are some instance words / terms / phases I picked up from the 2 days of Gartner summit.

There are birthright workplace tools

Time and place are no longer boundaries to collaboration (except with my laptop!)

We must put the user experience in context

Our job is about engaging eyeballs

Intranets and portals are becoming more e to e (employee to employee)

The governance role is to find the balance between control and flexibility 

Leaving the summit I left with a real sense of worth with my role. There has been lots of talk recently about the future of online teams (death of the intranet manager; out of the box websites etc) but I left with a real sense that the role I and industry peers play will be around for the next few years. Its not about the technology but a collection of methodologies and approaches that enhances the end-user experience.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 at Gartner

  1. Hi Mark,I was reading your comments on the Cisco article from March about the IT Challenges of Enterpise 2.0 then pointed me in the direction of your blog, which I???m reading with interest. Your comments in both struck a chord with me at WiredRed Software. We are a relatively small software company and we produce the award winning Nefsis web and video conferencing software.I couldn???t agree with you more with regards to the change in how technology is perceived and dictated. More of the workforce now requires more capable and more intuitive applications that enable them to get on with their jobs.The Cisco article makes for interesting reading and has a positive stance. However, I???m not so sure that the products and services currently offered by the ???usual suspects??? actually reflect the needs of the people I speak to.I spend most of my day speaking to IT Managers, IT Directors and CTOs about their web conferencing, video conferencing and collaboration strategies and they tell me that there is a divide between the marketing ???hype??? of the large software and application providers such and the actual end-user experiences of the ???troops on the ground.???So, it might seem that the Marketing Teams are wishing for square pegs for square holes but the Commercial Teams are still doing a convincing job of encouraging customers to buy round pegs for their square holes!My experience is that the Commercial Teams trade on the ???good name??? and reputation of their large employers. They put fear and suspicion into the minds of IT Managers with regards to smaller software providers, even though the smaller providers can actually provide a more capable and cost effective solution.Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Ian, Thanks for your feedback. I think we have to face up tp the reality of business life. many organisations, particularly high risk adverse companies need the security a well-known brand name brings. It’s not just marketing departments from IT companies that sell this line but many of those involved in risk and compliance in organisations who hold customer data. When pitching for business a client may want to know where their data is being held and a well-known brand name grabs more attention than a unknown start-up.We are still in the early days of cloud computing and shadow IT. For certain sized organisations, in low risk industries I thimk the same is beautiful model will work wonders. For larger organisations the wheel will turn much slower.

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