Will the real corporate website please stand up

Do you follow @SocialSteve?  Interesting piece tweeted on Monday (18th October):


Good point for me with this article is the RIP with the mircosite becoming a thing of the past. I would take it even further. In a few years time I see the traditional professional services corporate website becoming an obsolete platform (with the exception of Graduate and recruitment areas which I would consider transactional based). Rather than waste budget and resource publishing brochure ware and thought leadership pieces in a dark corner of the web, and then spend budget in asking people to find it, the corporate content will be taken to areas where the audience already exists, such as forums and influencers. It starts to mirror the way web consumers are now beginning to aggregate content, by numerous apps and from different areas of the digital world. The real corporate website will no longer be a collection of html pages and a few flash files contained within a database. Maybe in a few years time the app store, Linkedin, twitter and whatever aggregate or location based platforms are available is where a user will go to find the content, people and thought leadership. It is a very different approach for Marketing and web teams will have to change the skills and disciplines they now have. No longer looking after a database product but nuturing and influencing content in areas where people gather.


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