Building the academy

One area that I am keen to develop is a global digital academy for my organisation, that will enhance the skill sets of participants within this space. This should not just focus on Sharepoint but transferrable skills around key online disciplines such as building senior sponsorship; engaging with key areas of the business; delivering services; search and people finding; governance and policy; collaboration; monitoring and metrics; and Intranet team and Intranet Manager role.

Wrapped up into physical, virtual and social training spaces I see this as a valuable addition to increasing the effectiveness of portal participants. We not only need to address how to manage a technology or a database sitting behind a firewall. The digital workspace is changing and the skill set required for those involved in the space must also need to change. Your intranet / portal space needs to feel in control. But we don’t need to feel in control. Our audience needs to feel in control. The world of online management is shifting. More and more online teams are realizing that site management is about continuously improving a relatively small number of pages, not administering large quantities of content.

Of course, the ultimate goal is not managing the content itself, but rather managing your users top tasks and relationships. Content will support top task and relationship completion.


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