All in the network

A blog alert linked to a keynote speech (lost the link and forgot the name!) reminded me of Cisco and it???s understanding of the importance of online networks, not just at a technical level but at a strategic business level. It seems that Cisco???s vision has deepened with experience, and the concept of Networked Economy taking over from the Information Economy is being discussed.

Adapting to the age of networks  and understanding their importance is a major step in getting connected within an organisation and assisting in the process and execution of role. The enterprise network, social business, social intranet ??? whatever we wish to call it ??? is where the internal digital platforms we see most success. There was a time when content, documents, files were loaded onto an intranet and complex ways were devised around how this was pushed to the user. Now the user has little time or patience to read a document that is shoved into their digital space. What they need to do is to be able to connect and form networks and relationship and extract value from these.

I???m increasingly falling in love with Klout ??? ??? and tools like this which will be the next generation of tool that start to add meaning and value to the networks that are being created by tools such as Yammer. The need to identity influencers is paramount within any network and it???s logical that once networks are accepted as adding value we need tools to measure this value ??? and people to begin nurturing and training how to use and form these networks.


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