Protect my time and relationships

I wonder if blogging provides any value in 2012 ??? or I guess it???s the meaning and value of the content posted that is important. Anyway ??? decided to begin blogging again for the first few weeks of 2012 to see what connections and collaborations this leads to.

My main message of early 2012 is to ensure I disconnect at suitable times. Spent 2 weeks away from the digital world and even read a newspaper ??? so refreshing. It allowed me to witness how much time family and friends are transfixed by their mobile. Even heard a tale that a father banned mobiles from the Christmas dinner table ??? my hero. Protect my time and realise the importance of my relationship.

When I first set up this blogged I called it the Digital Divide as I believed there would be the ???haves??? and have not??? as everything went onto a digital platform. I also see a digital divide developing between those who CAN manage when to dip into the digital sea and those who are addicted to being connected. Protection of time and entrance to networks / communities to develop relationships will be as valuable as getting people to engage with these networks. Need to give this more thought but I am certain the potential big earner for the next few years are organisations that can introduce social networks but train and educate employees on how to manage these to avoid creating another email hostage culture.

Other things on my mind in early 2012:

??         Social performance
??         Gamification
??         Klout and Kudos
??         Work life balance
??         The digital platform in enabling the way we change the way we work
??         More LinkedIn ??? less Yammer


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