Social Business not just another KM 2.0

Love this article from Social Business News.

I am a strong believer that ‘social’ we be far different to KM. From a visionary perspetive you could argue it begins to give employees a voice that has been eroded since the 1970s – maybe not so much in how an organisation is run but certainly in how it delivers a service, innovates and connects.

It certainly questions how KM has been run in many organisations. If a virual deployment of Yammer can do more to connect and share that a KM program we have to look at how that business has been running.

It shifts the skills that are required to provide stewardship of this process (not capture or manage) as eluded to in some early posts on ‘digital divide’

It raises questions around roles of Information Management, Taxonomies, documents etc. The incoming generation want to connect around people and relationships and avoid the clutter of documentation. This won’t work immediately for many organisations, particularly in highly regulated environments but the cultural use of technology has always driven the compliance agenda and no doubt social will eventually do the same.

Moving towards a social enterprise will enable wider skill sets to be used to create these conversations and relationships. No longer would we need management of information and documents but facilitation of groups, people and relationships around some core principles and conversation topics.

It certainly is an exciting time as the social enterprise changes the way we work, lead and deliver value to organisations and our own work / life balance.


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