IBF celebrates ten years of defining the world???s best intranets

Congratulations to Paul Miller and the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) in celebrating 10 years in benchmarking and defining the evolution of the intranet channel.


Through various employers I have been on the receiving end of IBF services and have found their benchmarking, research and thought leadership outstanding. As the environment (whether intranet, portal, digital workplace or whatever we call it) has evolved and matured the IBF have been leading the identification and articulation of these changes.

I have also worked on the other side of the fence, being the Content Producer for the 2010 IBF 24 event.


Without doubt the 6 months of toil spent with contributors and the IBF 24 team have been the highlights of my professional career. I still carry the scars and the memories.

I wonder what the workplace will be like when IBF celebrate 20 years. Will offices and desks exist for knowledge workers? Will laptops and iPads be just a fond memory? Will enabling technology force management to change the way they lead? I’m not sure anyone can predict what will happen but I’m confident IBF will be identifying and providing thought leadership on the matter.

Congratulations once again. Here’s to the next 10 years.


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