How formal do we need to be?

A recent Virgin Media Business survey had judged the University of Warwick the UK’s most ‘digitally savvy’ university with 92 percent provision of the services examined.

That got me thinking again about the issue of accredited qualifications within the intranet industry and how we still appear to have so few qualifications related to the world of intranets.

I remember Sam Marshall running a ‘Mastering Intranet Management’ course (a quick plug for Sam) but I don’t believe this was an accredited qualification (recognised by an educational awarding body such as universities or vocational bodies) – Sam happy for you to respond if this is not the case.

There are many training organisations that offer courses in areas that may assist in the role but, to my knowledge, none that offer a formal qualification. Maybe this type of recognition is not actually relevant as intranet folk come from different backgrounds. My original area of study was in psychology, and then I moved onto the study of how labour markets and organisations develop. This led onto knowledge management, online services and intranets.

Over the 20 odd years I’ve been involved in the connection of people to content and people to people I’ve seen the skills required move from very technical aspects around writing code, architecture and design, to the more business discipline around content management. Now I see the skillsets around assisting the nurturing of relationships and networks. I’m not sure there would be one formal academic qualification that would meet, or keep up with the shifting sands of intranet management and development.

I would be interested to know how other members of the group got into intranet and the relevance of formal qualifications in that path.

Any good plugs for training courses within the intranet field would also help the community.


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