It’s hard work to collaborate

More predictions, this time from Jungle Red Communication
Two key points of interest for me are:
  • Collaboration Turns Companies Around: Most companies will wake up from the enterprise social networking fog and realize that if they don’t manage their application, they won’t get much out of it. Time, budget and effort will be put into using these applications as business collaboration tools, rather than nice ways to “follow” an executive.
  • Organization Structures Transition To Communities Of Interest: Company leadership will clue into the fact that humans are innately social and adjust their organizations to reflect communities of people who work together, support each other, and have common interests, all of which will be applied to grow market share.

Collaboration certainly won???t turn companies around but it does enable them to bridge the digital divide by beginning the move towards a more transparent, innovative environment which enables ideas to be expressed. But it won???t happen by just deploying technology. It needs good planning and implementation around identification of problems and issues to be solved, acquiring key sponsors, creating good governance and integration with other collaboration and communication stakeholders, community planning, support and training. In other words it takes lots of hard work to develop collaboration and communities but the potential rewards are worth the investment.


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