Winning the hearts and minds

716-scaled1000To help with the introduction of collaboration or knowledge management tools within an organization you need to have a plan to win over leadership. Working on stakeholder planning is just as imoportant as any adoption or technology roadmap. Here is a template that may be useful for looking to get some of leadership onboard. I know Yammer, Jive and other vendors talk about leaving the doubters till the end but I believe we need to have an approach for the leadership that are not as supportive as others

• Step 1 – List out the known issues within the department of each one of the doubters within leadership. This could be:

• Their business priorities
• Issues within their department (employee engagement survey results are good for this – most large companies will have these type of programmes
• Your current contacts within the department
• Other key influencers
• How your programme will explicitly help the department

• Step 2 – Power Matrix work (Johnson & Scholes still works the best for me but fine with us taking another approach)

Step 3 – Communication planning based on the 9 steps below

1- What do we want? (goals)
2- Who can give it to us? (audiences)
3- What do they need to hear? (messages)
4- Who do they need to hear it from (messengers)
5- How do we get them to hear it? (delivery)
6- What have we got? (resources; strengths)
7- What do we need to develop? (challenges; gaps)
8- How do we begin? (first steps)
9- How will we know its working? (evaluation)


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