Why collaboration fails


Just a quick brain muse here about why collaboration initiatives fail in organisations. Here’s my take on it:

Organisation Context

  • No collaboration strategy (not technology but business)
    No integration with People agenda
    Seen as an IT deployment. Technical solution before business requirements gathered
    No governance – ‘no one in charge’
    No linkage with other systems (intranet)
    Little ROI identified for the business
    Not replacing existing tools
    No business change framework (approached from a psychological / attitudinal perspective rather than technological)

People Context

  • No guidance on how and what to share in a business context
    No training / coaching (for users and management)
    No attention paid to behaviour or culture
    No clarity on ‘what goes where’
    No change management framework
    Left to organic growth
    No communities or networks developed
    No advocacy programme

Please chip in if you feel I’ve left anything out and we can start to build a comprehensive list.


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