It’s important to embed yammer into your ways of working. We want to avoid you thinking ‘I need to do my work and then visit yammer.’

To succeed we need to think about ‘I need to do my work and yammer is assisting me in achieving what I need to do.’

It’s easy to get lost and caught up in all the ‘noise’ that takes place (alerts, notifications, new groups being formed, people joining). To avoid this spend 1 minute per month (it should take no more than that) to revisit your notifications to ensure you have a frequency of notifications that suit you. Also be choosey about who and what groups you follow. If you have the time do this on a weekly basis.

On a general principle I try to keep the number of people I follow down to 50 and ensure I belong to no more than 20 groups. The content and people will eventually find you so don’t feel the need to follow everyone or every group. If someone is not active or providing you valuable contributions then don’t follow them. If there is no activity within the group then drop out of it.
This will soon reduce lots of the noise you may get lost in.


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