No organisation should fail as a social business


It still does amaze me that Deloitte (see below) and Gartner (80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits”) still have the ammunition to produce these reports.

Social Business tools have been around long enough for a successful best practice approach to be evolved. The focus should be away from traditional IT implementations onto good strategy, governance (or stewardship) and transformation that will lead to most organisations that want to become social businesses achieving success.

The strategy needs to ensure the capabilities, deployment and utilisation of both technology and people align with the overall goals of the business.

The governance / stewardship needs to ensure the technology deployed is sustainable and the quality content filtered through the technology can surface above the redundant noise that will occur in many organisation and can be utilised to assist in achieving the overall goals of the business.

The transformation needs to ensure people and their communities /  networks have an understanding of how, what and when to share and collaborate to help meet the goals of the business.

But I guess most organisations are treating the tools similar to their approaches to knowledge management initiatives of the past. Build it and they will come. They focus on the technology (plugging it in) rather than the transformation needed to change people’s behaviours to adapt and cultivate new skills that are enabled by the technology.

I fear in 5 years the Gartner’s and Deloitte’s of this world will still be producing the same old reports.


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