One of our manager groups on Yammer is thriving. Recently launched, with a little stage management, the number of contributions has been higher than expected and, of more interest, is the value of the conversations and connections being made.

The group has a visible leader (important for user faith and compliance issues) and leadership support. The group was launched to support a physical event and early contributions were used to deal with issues leading up to the physical event (call for table leaders, logistic information etc).

However, it has branched out and we now find it is being used by managers outside London to showcase their knowledge and skills – in a very London centric community. It has given them a true voice to be heard. Some habits are still hard to break. The ‘leader’ is still being emailed and asked to post contributions while one office held a meeting to discuss what they wanted posted on the site, and then who should post the contribution.

At the launch there was no mention of technology and introduced as a tool to address an identifiable need – the ability to support a physical event.


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