Adoption by tribes and the informal community

Having looked at adoption through chance and hierarchies the final approach is by ‘social’ adoption or adoption through the tribes, networks and communities that exist within an organisation but outside the formal hierarchies.

This generally involves engagement through informal structure of companies with adoption built around explicit use cases (not abstract but rapid, high volume explicit use cases) and supported by:

  • Deploy waves of rapid use cases
  • ‘Word of mouth’ through networks
  • Nudge channels
  • Informal advocates
  • Social learning


  • Rapid adoption and value gained through ‘real life’ use case development
  • Limited drain on time and resource
  • Rapid refinement of approach
  • Inclusive
  • Appeals to rational and emotional reasons for adoption
  • Potential for ‘wild fire spread’ is greater
  • Rapid advocate recruitment
  • Fast paced and sustained – leads to more and more use cases being developed
  • Appeal to ‘What’s in it for me’


  • Lack of detail and holistic knowledge of products and capabilities
  • Lack of process / rigidity
  • Possible limited knowledge transfer
  • Not everyone aligned
  • Limited leadership buy-in
  • Key areas may get missed
  • Reliant on skills of advocates
  • Aligned to user energy, not business value

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