I work with organisations to generate value from their investment in collaboration tools by creating high end user adoption programmes.

From initial digital strategy through to developing, managing and implementing collaboration projects I work with organisations, their people, their communities and their culture to create new ways of collaborative working aligned to their business goals.

My experience includes working with diverse groups from seafarers, cabin crew, pilots, engineers, geologists, accountants, bankers etc. my approach creates unique programmes aligned to the cultures within each area.

My skills include:
• Developing business requirements, strategy and governance models
• Technology / Change / Culture assessment and associated value benefits
• Project and stakeholder management
• Communications and coaching (creation through to deliver delivery)
• Use case development (from concept, planning, launching, management and case study development)
• Advocacy network development (Planning, developing, nurturing and coaching)

Enterprise Social; Enterprise Collaboration; Business Transformation; Digital Workplace Strategy

Changing the way we work is more than deploying technologies or adding a ‘social’ layer to your intranet. People are the constant in any organisational change. Putting in a shiny new collaboration system is unlikely to change behaviours that have been conditioned by years (or generations) in working in a different way. Becoming “social” and sharing knowledge is not something that is solved by technology; it’s something that is solved by addressing behaviours. Sure, technology can be an enabler, but it has to be part of a wider change programme. It also needs to tie in with any existing knowledge or collaboration tools.

My methods ensure both value and benefit is garnered by organisations and their people as they change the way they work.


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